CalAlSil for Buildings

CalAlSil® for Buildings

CalAlSil® offers outstanding structural engineering benefits with our product’s ability to form very strong chemical bonds with metals and metal oxides. Further heat treatment at between 400°C-550°C create structural CERMETS. These cermets are completely solid far below the +1000°C temperatures typically quoted for conventional cermets. This reduction in manufacturing temperature is provided by the structural alkali fluxes in CalAlSil® gel.

Applied to timber CalAlSil® chemically bonds with cellulose in wood to provide a fire-resistant barrier to combustion. This vastly increases the time taken for any combustible materials to burn.

CalAlSil® is also perfectly suited to cement and concrete manufacturing, with the time-dependant curing of CalAlSil® geopolymer concretes eliminates programming issues in construction.

The CalAlSil® building protection advantage:

  1. Solar Reflectance
  2. Water and Gas impermeable
  3. Fire Proof – Maximises time for escape
  4. Thermally and sound insulation
  5. Durable and Strong, lasting over >25 years.