Why CalAlSil®?

CalAlSil® is a chemical and materials innovation that allows fire-proof, highly insulating ceramic foams, solids and coatings to be produced by simply pouring and curing by evaporation of water.


The genius of CalAlSil® mixtures is their ability to hold reacting ionic species in a water-based stable suspension by a gelatinous silicate mixture.

Specifically, when CalAlSil® mixtures are dried the reactive starting materials coalesces into a hard and durable finish. The Ceramic can be further heat treated with a variety of additives to produce a myriad of materials that are affordable replacements for what is currently available in the market.

Economic advantage

Very attractive economics of CalAlSil® products and processes are derived from the fact that calcium, aluminium and silica minerals are the most easily available commodity across the Earth’s crust.  This provides for the capability for licensing of technology. Simple manufacturing processes and easy distribution of the stable slurried products lends CalAlSil® technology to reach many markets quickly from strategically placed staging points.

Social advantage

Energy creation that provides a local supply of Food, Clothing and Shelter remain the most important aspects for robust human survival. CalAlSil® and the wide variety of economical products that can be derived from its use provide a compelling case for the incorporation of CalAlSil® into the fundamental constructions of human society.

Material applications

  • CalAlSil® silicate-geopolymers using fly ash from black coal or purpose made dehydrated clays. These can be made into single pack time-stable solutions and relatively transported.
  • CalAlSil® silicate-geopolymers composites with powders of metals, cellulose (wood), polyester, polyurethane, polyaramid.
  • CalAlSil® cermets are heat-treated (400°C-550°C) silicate-geopolymer composites with metal powders, particularly zinc, aluminium, iron and nickel.
  • CalAlSil® foams made as xerogels and aerogels provide exceptional thermal insulation. CalAlSil® foams can be coated with hard wearing CalAlSil® coatings including cermets for a external, durable fire-proof, insulating outer skin of roofs, walls and floors.

For further information on the CalAlSil® materials revolution please download our information sheet.